Supplier of wireless searchlight controls suitable for most brands and types

Module description

The wireless control system has some basic buliding blocks that may be combined to give the desired functionality.

Module Module description
SWOP The SWOP or Searchlight Wireless Operating Panel is a small handheld battery powered device that can be used for remote control of the searchlights at a distance of up to 400+ meters line of sight.

The panel has IP56 protection and uses 3 standard AAA alkaline batteries. A built in battery indicator will inform of the battery status every time the panel is switched on.
WOP The WOP is similart to the SWOP except for the different layout of the control buttons. Where the SWOP has a customized searchligt layout, the WOP has a very regular with 8 control buttons in 2 rows. Each control button has a status indicator showing the current output status at the receiver end.
RX The receiver module is delivered on a DIN-rail socket for easy installation. Antenna connection is a standard female SMA-connector.

The receiver module is not free standing, as it will always have be connected to an adapter by a short cable. The receiver module also get its power supplied from the adapter.

Each receiver may control up to 3 physical adapters and of these, one adapter may be an ethernet adapter. The rest will either be MINI or MAXI adapters.
MINI The MINI-adapter has 12 high side, low current transitor outputs giving control signals to equipment that need active high PNP-type, 24V, digital control signals.

The MINI-adapter is initially designed for controlling the Norselight R5 searchlights, but may be used for any equipment that need this kind of control signals.

The MINI adapter accept a supply voltage from 10 to 32VDC.
DRIVER1 DRIVER1 is an inverting add on power driver module for the MINI adapter with 8 high current active low NPN open collector transitor outputs. It can be used for driving relays or digital inputs that require active low control signals.

Two power driver modules may be attached to a MINI adapter to give 12 inverted high current outputs.
MAXI The MAXI-adapter with 8 relay outputs and 4 digital inputs is well suited for searchlights that need direct switching of motor currents or motor driver cards that need galvanically isolated switches for input control.

In addition, the MAXI-adapter also has two 0-24V analog outputs that may be used for speed control where this is possible. The analog output may be fixed 0-24V or ratiometric, selected by a strap on the module.

Each relay has dual switches, capable of switching 8A/250V, non inductive loads, on each of the switches. The two switches in each relay may be connected in parallell if only single pole switching is needed, and thus increasing the current rating.

The module has two strap fields that is used to select the type of searchlight interface to use and how the selected searchlight interface should respond.

The MAXI adapter accept a supply voltage from 10 to 32VDC.
ETHERNET The ethernet adapter is an ethernet interface that can be connected to any ethernet CAT5 or CAT6 cables with standard RJ45 connector.

The adapter is capable of controlling up to 6 ethernet connected devices, either searchlights with ethernet bus control or with any other ethernet connected device.

The adapter is powered with a supply voltage between 10 and 50VDC, either supplied directly to the board or by PoE from an external power injector.
SERIAL The serial driver is a serial bus interface for connecting the receiver module to an external RS422 or RS484 bus, such as Francis FBUS.

In the case of FBUS, one single receiver with a serial interface can control up to 6 FBUS searchlights.

Special notes:

One receiver may only control a maximum of 3 adapter modules. If control of six adapter modules is necessary, the 6 adapter modules have to be distributed on 2 or more receivers.

A SWOP or WOP may control a mix of different types of searchlights, and even a mix of different searchlight brands or types of equipment, all within the same system.

Ther is also a more standard remote control panel called WOP that are well suited for controlling regular relay and motor start/stop functions. There are however no technical difference between a SWOP and WOP except the button layout so they may both be used on the same system.

Compatible wireless operating panels in any size with customized enclosures and modified button layout or button size may be supplied on request.

Please take contakt with sales to discuss possible options.