Supplier of wireless searchlight controls suitable for most brands and types


Wireless remote control can be delivered to the following IMAX searchlight models:

Searchlight model Lamp type Type of interface Minimum configuration

Module description:

Module Function description
SWOPSearchlight Wirelsess Operating Panel
RXReceiver module
MAXIMaxi-adapter with relay outputs and digital inputs for controlling IMAX searchlights
More details on the different modules can be found under SYSTEM MODULES
Please contact us for an evaluation of the configration best suited for your ship.

Special notes:

One receiver may only control a maximum of 3 adapter modules and searchlights. If control of six searchlights is necessary, the 6 adapter modules have to be split on 2 or more receivers.

Please note that a SWOP may control a mix of different types of searchlights, and even a mix of different brands, all within the same system.