Supplier of wireless searchlight controls suitable for most brands and types

DHR - Den Haan Rotterdam

Wireless remote control can be delivered to the following DHR models:

Searchlight model Lamp type Type of interface Minimum configuration
DHR260RCN HIDMetal halideRelaySWOP+RX+MAXI
DHR260RCN HalogenHalogenRelaySWOP+RX+MAXI

Module description:

Module Function description
SWOPSearchlight Wireless Operating Panel
RXReceiver module
MINIMini-adapter with transistor output for controlling searchlights from the Den Haan RCB-series
DRIVER1Add on power driver module with transistor output for digital interface on the RCB-series
MAXIMaxi-adapter with relay outputs and digital inputs for controlling searchlights from the Den Haan RCN-series
More details on the different modules can be found under SYSTEM MODULES
Please contact us for an evaluation of the configration best suited for your ship.

Special notes:

A SWOP may control from 1 to 6 searchlights.

For DHR searchlights using mini or maxi adapters, one receiver may only control a maximum of 3 adapter modules and searchlights. If control of six searchlights is necessary, the 6 adapter modules have to be split on 2 or more receivers.

Please note that a SWOP may control a mix of different types of searchlights, and even a mix of different brands, all within the same system.

By adding a standard Den Haan 24/12V DC/DC converter for RCN series, dual speed control may be obtained while using the MAXI adapter on RCN-series searchlights.