Supplier of wireless searchlight controls suitable for most brands and types

Special custom equipment

Using the wireless remote to control other types of equipment than searchlights:

Even if you have equipment to control that is quite different from searchlights, that doesn't necessarily mean that we can't control it.

Our selection of different adapter modules cover a variety of different interface options, including galavanic isolated relay outputs, direct transistor drive, ethernet- and serial-interfaces. With these basic building blocks, we can easily supply you with a working solution for a lot of different types of equipment.

Just send us a copy of the manual or at least the part describing the electrical wiring and interface, and we will inspect the documentation and get back to you with a possible solution within short.

Of course, there may be equipment that may be difficult to interface, such as ethernet connected devices with proprietary protocols. In these cases, we will get back to you to discuss other possible options.